Excellent rates for Kozlović from the British wine critics

Momiano winemaker Gianfranco Kozlović added more recognitions to his already impressive collection - a reputable group of British wine critics proclaimed his cellar the best wine cellar among one hundred it visited in Croatia during 2011. On that occasion, Kozlović's Istrian Malvasia Santa Lucia from 2008, awarded 95 out of 100 points, became the best rated dry wine in Croatia.

The British are thrilled with the colour, clarity, scent and flavour of Istrian wines

During its extensive tour in Croatia, the British group of wine experts known as The Wine Gang, visited 98 winemakers from around Croatia and tasted 280 wines. Every winery could put up to three labels for tasting.

The critics also selected 45 best Croatian wines to present them in the United Kingdom, and all three labels from Kozlović's cellar made it to that selection :

  • Istrian Malvasia Santa Lucia from 2008
  • Malvasia Istriana from 2010
  • Muscat Momiano Sorbus from 2006

The five-member The Wine Gang is made out of established wine writers and experts from the UK, without exception members or chairpersons of international wine-rating commissions.

Joana Simon is also an author of the eminent Big book of wine and a columnist of The Sunday Times

Anthony Rose is a columnist of The Independent and Decanter

Tom Cannavan is author of portal Wine-pages and an associate of Decanter and other magazines specializing in wine culture

David Williams is a correspondent of The Observer

Jane Parkinson an award-winning journalist and wine judge

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