Autumn gastro festivals

Autumn gourmet festivals

The rich culinary produce in the autumn always gives the Umag-Novigrad region an extra value.

Tuberfest in Livade

October and November are reserved for the Tuberfest, a truffle festival held in Livade. In addition to a variety of events, such as for example the evaluation of the largest and most beautiful truffle, there is a truffle auction, a truffle-hunting demonstration, and, of course, the tasting of these delicacies in one hundred and one different ways.

Further on the famous Savudrija sole fish is respected and valued throughout October and November at an event called Zlatna švoja - Golden Sole. It is a gourmet extravaganza where dishes are prepared using sole and where this delicacy from the sea is promoted.

Mushroom Days in Brtonigla

In nearby Brtonigla, the Gljivarijada - mushrooms festival, is celebrated, where there is a presentation of the mushrooms that are found in the Istria area – both the edible ones and the poisonous ones. After an exhibition of over one hundred mushrooms, there are the accompanying events – the tasting of mushroom based dishes and musical entertainment.

The November days of new wine that occur throughout the region should definitely not be forgotten since Istrian wines are among most popular in Croatia. And they celebrate this meaningful event accordingly!

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