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Healthy and nutritious, fish is a world-class food that you will regularly find on the plate of every true foodie and all those who watch their diet. Fish is always a great choice, whether grilled or boiled, in a delicious stews or canapés, and you can – of course – enjoy it in the restaurants, taverns and fishermen's festivals of northwestern Istria. Get to know a few kinds of fish you simply must try during your visit to this destination!


With a mild flavour that works well in multiple combinations, sole is one of the culinary trademarks of northwestern Istria. It is a common fish species in this part of the Mediterranean, as its natural habitat is on sandy and silty sea bottoms. Every autumn, the traditional Sole Days gourmet event thrills visitors with its wide selection of dishes made with this delicious fish.


Popularly known as the “queen of the Adriatic”, the sardine is an essential part of Mediterranean cuisine. Many prefer it prepared in the simplest possible way – salted and grilled. However, it works well in many other culinary combinations, as anyone who has visited Novigrad during the Sardelafest gourmet event will certainly tell you.

John Dory

Aside from its unusual, recognisable appearance (with its spiny dorsal fin), John Dory is especially valued for its delicate white meat. Its exceptional flavour means it is best consumed with few spices, and it is most often either grilled or boiled.


Tuna is a frequent resident of the northern Adriatic, and thus makes regular appearances on the tables of Istria. Rich in minerals, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, this fish is most often served as a steak with a side dish, and it is also delicious with various sauces.

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