Vergal olive oil in the prestigious company of the world’s best oils

Did you know that Istria was named best olive oil region in the world? Approximately 60 of its oils were listed among the highest quality oils in the world, and many of them come from the northwestern Istria. Part of this elite group is the multi-awarded Vergal  extra virgin olive oil produced by the Aminess  hotel company from Novigrad.

Liquid gold from Novigrad

Aminess has two olive groves close to its hotels and campsites with a total of 1836 olive trees of several cultivars such as Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Istarska bjelica. Each one gives the oil of a specific aroma, which is the perfect seasoning to every Mediterranean dish. Aside from the exceptional taste, like all high quality extra virgin olive oils, Vergal is remarkably healthy being rich in unsaturated fats, polyphenol and vitamin E.

Winner of many international awards

At the 2017 international olive oil competition in New York, Vergal Frantoio won the most prestigious award in the „Best of Class“ category beating the competition of more than 800 producers from 26 countries around the world. Vergal is also part of the standard selection of Flos Olei, a specialized guide to the best extra virgin olive oils, and winner of several medals and certificates of quality.

A precious souvenir and the perfect gift for any occasion

If you want to take a memento of your holiday in Istria or share the taste of your unique experience with loved ones then a specially packaged bottle of Vergal is your best option. You will find it at Aminess properties in Novigrad as well as in the specialized web shop. Spicy or fruity, monovarietal or a blend – choose the Vergal that will pair perfectly with your favourite dishes and enjoy the top-quality fruits of Istrian olives!

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