Northwest Istria - an Oasis for Gourmet Pleasure

The leading restaurants and bars in Northwest Istria (the region represented by the towns of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla) are increasingly becoming known (not only in Croatia but also further afield) for providing their guests with a dining experience at the cutting edge of gourmet food preparation. These gourmet oases are able to satisfy the most refined palate, offering ever new and diverse seasonal menus adapted to typical Istrian ingredients and prepared by creative chefs in their own different and characteristic ways.

Following sound gourmet cooking principles, local ingredients of the highest quality are used allowing food enthusiasts to sample seasonally based menus such as wild asparagus, shellfish of all types, autumn sole fish and Adriatic squid.

Thematic Gourmet Events at Special Prices

As a way of showcasing the gourmet skills available in Northwest Istria, thematic events are regularly held in the region during which some restaurants and taverns offer their guests tastings of dishes served in several courses and prepared using Istrian delicacies offered at special prices.

Days of Shellfish

In winter, the Shellfish Days event is held from February 16 until March 23. During this period one can sample the finest Istrian sea food recipes featuring scallops, mussels, warty venus (a salt-water clam), Noah's Ark shells, black scallops and oysters. Without any fear of exaggeration it is safe to say that diners will experience the special sea food taste only available from one of the cleanest seas in the world, complemented by superb Istrian wines and the best olive oil to be found anywhere.

Days of Asparagus

During the spring, the Asparagus Days event results in local restaurant menus featuring what is arguably one of the healthiest and tastiest wild plants to be found in Istria. Gourmet creations to be sampled using asparagus as the main ingredient include using it in risottos, salads and in cream soups. Picking fresh asparagus as soon as it is in season during the first few days of spring creates quite a frenzy of activity amongst local residents, many of whom choose to use their freshly picked asparagus to make an omelette, a time honoured tradition in Croatia.

Days of Sole Fish

The first days of autumn bring Sole Fish Days and Northwest Istria attracts lovers of this high quality fish which is by some appreciated more than bream or sea bass. Enjoy sole through four delicious courses, prepared in various ways - the carpaccio or as a soup, with gnocchi, ravioli or simply just grilled.

Days of Adriatic Squid

Domestic Adriatic squid is a true gourmet delicacy, a fact that guests will appreciate during the Days of Adriatic Squid event held in early winter - the main fishing season. Forget about fried squid from Patagonia or California served with frozen chips. Domestic Adriatic squid in our restaurants must be tried when prepared in teran wine or as a risotto, a delicious cream soup, baked with vegetables, with pasta or stuffed under the 'peka'. You will be licking your fingers all the way through the meal!

If you enjoy fine dining and gourmet experiences equal to any in the world, then visit us in Buje, Brtonigla, Novigrad and Umag!

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