XCE Eliminator Grožnjan

  • 29Aug



BBK Grožnjan

Web: www.bbk-groznjan.com
Email: bbk.groznjan@gmail.com
Phone: +385 98 927 3443

Tags : Sport , Biking , Sporting events

Mountain bike club Grožnjan is inviting you to an attractive Cro Cup elimination race XCE Eliminator Grožnjan on 29 August 2015. Cross-country eliminator is one of the most recently established cycling disciplines, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your best tricks on two wheels.

The start and finish lines are at the same place, on a meadow by the Buje-Grožnjan road at the crossroad for Marušići. The race will begin on a 600 m long circular polygon at midday. Participation fee is HRK 60.00.

The rules are simple. First, you must qualify by passing the track one by one, after which the fastest 16 competitors in the category will begin their elimination race against each other, 4 at a time. Helmet is mandatory. At the start position, you will wait for the sound signal with one foot on the pedal and one on the ground. You will compete in speed and overcoming of different obstacles against 3 other competitors. If you finish first or second, your battle for the grand finals continues. If you finish third or fourth, you can still compete in the little finals.

Choose your strategy wisely, and your path to victory will be a little bit easier if you check out the track before the race.

Prepare well and eliminate your rivals at XCE Eliminator Grožnjan!

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