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In addition to olive trees and panoramic views, Istrian Krasica is adorned with an exceptional mountain biking setting, which was proved last year when the XC Krono Kavrijana chronometer race took place.

The prepared trail has all the aspects of an XC trail, and is ridden in the surroundings of Krasica with the start and the finish in the village. The route is circular in shape, with a length of about 7 km in one direction, and the same length back. The surface is diverse, there is very little asphalt, some narrow profile forest trails, several wide tractor roads and rocky trails.

Thanks to the combination of the route combining asphalt, earth and rocks, the race is extremely fun and challenging and will surely attract a wide range of competitors, from recreational to professional cyclists. All you need is a bike, a helmet and a little sportsmanship.

The rules of the race are simple: two laps, two directions, one winner. You start the race alone, followed by another cyclist in a one minute interval. Your ride two laps, the first lap in one, the other in the opposite direction. In every direction your time is measured, then the two times are added and this is how we get the winner.

The race was accepted with general enthusiasm of the participants and the curious locals, and it will be organised again this year. It is particularly useful if you want to check whether you are in a good shape.

Therefore, note the date 25 July 2015 in your planners and join us in XC Krono Kavrijana.

Let's synchronise our chronometers!

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