Marušići bicycle ride

  • 30Jun



MBK Buje region

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Recreational MTB bicycle ride, held in the framework of a local festivity for the last couple of years in early July, will start again this year in Marušići in the vicinity of Buje. The ride starts and finishes in front of the Marušići community centre and all lovers of nature and recreation, locals and tourists alike, are welcome.

The trail is around 35 kilometres long, winding through forest paths, meadows, hillocks and picturesque landscapes of the upper Bujština region. It occasionally overlaps with wine roads, connects springs, excursion sites, vineyards, olive groves and other assets of the region best visited on two wheels.

The route of the Marušići bicycle ride also passes through Kornarija, a protected forest with a real network of forest paths, past the cottage once inhabited by the Kornarija forester. His cottage dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire was subsequently restructured and is now the site of a forest resting place.

The ride takes 3-4 hours, but if you get tired or are not in shape, the organizers will propose a shorter route. Around 10 guides, members of the local bicycle club "Bujština" spaced out along the trail, will take care of the safety of the participants and any bicycle repairs required.

The Marušići bicycle ride is scheduled for July 2nd. Participation is recommended to stronger amateur athletes, helmets are mandatory and spare inner tubes advisable. Participation fee is 50 kn.v

Starting in Marušići at 10:30am and passing through Kornarija forest, the trail leads towards the abandoned village of Vrnjak and the foothill of the village of Brda. It continues towards Kučibreg, Dugo Brdo and Kuberton; after descent into Donja Gomila, it returns through Kornarija back to Marušići.

Embark on an unforgettable ride through forests, fields and villages of the Northwest Istria. Welcome to the Marušići bicycle ride!

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