“Let's Bring Završje to Life” recreational cycling event

  • 18Apr



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This May, Završje will again the host of a cycling event that invites amateur cyclists to discover the natural and cultural resources of this historic town situated in the very heart of Northwestern Istria. The “Let's Bring Završje to Life” cycling tour serves as an attempt to bring some life into this medieval little town, which played an important role in the development of the Grožnjan Municipality.

A circular trail of some 30 km in length (19 miles) leads along mountain paths and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Since it is of medium difficulty, cyclists are advised to bring a spare tube and a protective helmet. The event starts at 2 p.m. in Završje, from where the trail leads through the towns of Sveti Ivan, Čepić and Šterna, returning to Završje through the Kornarija forest.

The ride is expected to end around 5 p.m., followed by a collective dinner in the centre of this picturesque little town, one of whose attractions is its own leaning tower. Also, the old Parenzana railway line used to run near the town. Recently, Završje has been acknowledged by travellers and explorers alike as the undiscovered gem of Northwestern Istria.


The “Let's Bring Završje to Life” cycling event is a perfect opportunity for making discoveries, doing sports and spending time in preserved nature. The registration fee is HRK 30, which covers dinner, drinks and refreshment during the ride. The participants ride at their own risk.

As fans of healthy life, cycling and nature, you should not miss the opportunity to participate in the “Let's Bring Završje to Life” cycling event.

Embark on another unforgettable adventure with your two-wheeled pet!

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