Istria Wine and Walk

  • 05Jun



Tourist Boards of the cities of Umag-Novigrad-Brtonigla-Buje


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The most talked about event that everyone's looking forward to! all the colours of wine

We invite all wine and nature enthusiasts to mark 05th June on their calendars and register for the Istria Wine & Walk adventure through northwestern Istria. Get ready for an inspiring walk and meet superb Istrian winemakers, local producers and caterers at tasting stops.

At the start, you will pick up a bag with a tasting glass, a voucher, water and a promotional face mask, and then head off to a wine adventure through the labyrinths of vineyards and olive groves.

Participants will be divided into groups and start the walk accompanied by a guide. When paying the registration fee, you will get departure times that must be complied with.


  • Departure from Brtonigla, Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery
  • Monte Marzari – panoramic view of Brtonigla and the sea
  • Every 1.5 km along the trail – winemakers, local producers and caterers are awaiting
  • Radošević Cheese Farm – panoramic view of Buje
  • Škarline Nature Park
  • Cattunar Winery
  • Bracanija – Konoba Morgan
  • Veralda Winery
  • Walk back to the centre of Brtonigla

Along the way, you'll visit the Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery, Radošević Cheese Farm, Škarline Nature Park with unique streams and ponds, and two wineries near Brtonigla.

Istrian winemakers and other local producers will greet you with their luscious culinary treats and divine wines at every 1,5 km. Enjoy the straw-yellow shades of Istrian Malvasia and ruby red colours of red wines. The secret of their enjoyable flavour is in the white soil you will be walking on, the sunny vineyard slopes you will be passing by and the pleasant breeze that will follow you on your way.

Wine and walk sounds like a great combination, especially when accompanied by an interesting entertainment programme along the trail. Bring your cameras to take beautiful photos of memorable moments, prepare your vocal chords to sing and cheer, and your good shape for the walk, because this year there is a novelty – the trail begins and ends in the “wine town” of Brtonigla.

Tasty glasses of wine and a walk sound like a great combination, especially when spiced up with some creative entertainment accompanied by the sounds of the guitar. Make sure to take your camera to capture memorable moments, heat your vocal cords and get ready for a merry walk.


  • Place of departure: Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery, Brtonigla
  • 9.00 am – 2.00 pm – registration and collection of registration fee according to already agreed departure times

Wine offer:

  • Benčić
  • Novacco
  • Coronica
  • Cattunar
  • Cuj
  • Veralda

Gourmet offer:

  • Circolo Bar
  • OPG Radošević
  • All event
  • Primizia Food & Wine
  • Konoba Morgan
  • OPG Buršić
  • Veralda

Download the path map Istria Wine and Walk.

SPECIAL NOTE: The event is organized in compliance with all epidemiological measures, special recommendations and instructions of the Istrian and National Civil Protection Headquarters, and we kindly ask you to adhere to them.

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