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Umag Tennis Academy

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Umag is proud to announce that it will be hosting a major tennis event, the "Meliá Hotels International", to be held at the Umag Tennis Academy from 24th October to 8th November 2015. The Meliá Hotels International tournament is organized as part of the ITF Futures Tournament, which is a round of tennis play-offs organized by the International Tennis Federation (the ITF) on a global level.

The categories CRO F13, F14 Men and Umag 1, Umag 2 Women Combined are an integral part of the Meliá Hotels International tennis competition, where the Umag Tennis Academy plays host to more than 180 professional tennis players from all over the world.

First of all the tournaments are played in the categories Umag F13 and Umag 1 Combined, and then in categories Umag F14 and Umag 2 Combined. Qualifying matches are played first in all categories, in which of 64 tennis players, 32 of the best players and 16 pairs qualify for the main tournament.

1) UMAG F 13 & Umag 1 Combined

  • Qualifications: 24th – 26th October
  • Main tournament: 27th October- 1th November

2) UMAG F 14 & Umag 2 Combined

  • Qualifications: 31th October – 2nd November
  • Main tournament: 3th October – 8th November

The participants in the tournament come to Umag from more than 15 countries around the world, and compete for total prize money of 10 thousand American dollars. It is in the interests of professional male and female tennis players to do as well as possible in the tournament, since by winning it they gain valuable ATP points or WTA points for women.

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