Equestrian tournament Istra Cup

  • 01May



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Tags : Sport , Buje

In Buje, the 1st of May will be held Istra Cup, the 4th international equestrian tournament in show jumping. The tournament is situated in sport area of Buje and starts at 1 pm.

The 3rd Istra Cup includes four matches hight from 0,80 to 1,10 m. Three matches are standard, but the last one is so-called „relay race“ in which show jumping is the main criteria. Speed is also marked as a indicator to who might become a winner.

The competitors will interchange after every lapse until the racecourse ends. It depends of the numer of members in every single team. The third match is scoring for the Cup of Istra finals.

Welcome to the 4th Istra Cup in Buje!

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