Eko-bike marathon

  • 20Sep



Buje Tourist Board

Email: info@tzg-buje.hr
Phone: +385 52 773 353

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MTB Eko bike marathon will be held in Buje, Sunday 20 September, during the celebration of the Grape Day. Buje has a one-hundred year old tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the produce of its land.

The participants will gather and start at the Liberty Square at 10.30.

The bike trail is 32 km long, and while driving on country roads near Buje, you will enjoy the true labyrinth of vineyards and olive groves.

Eko bike is not competitive, and there is a 30 HRK fee. All marathon participants must wear protective helmets, as they participate in the race at their own risk.

After the race, they can have a great lunch with the other participants.

As fans of healthy life, cycling and nature, you should not miss the opportunity to participate in the MTB Eko bike marathon cycling event in Buje.

Embark on another unforgettable adventure with your two-wheeled pet!


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