Brtonigla Adventure Trek

  • 15Feb



SD Trickeri


Tags : Sport , Brtonigla

Winter signs have already knocked at our doors. While most of the continent is trapped in the ice and snow, we invite you to the fifth race of the new trekking season in the picturesque Istrian town of Brtonigla.

Discover Istrian hidden treasures of untouched nature, enjoy the landscape around the river Mirna, run through the woods, Istrian vineyards and olive groves, walk up the hills featuring small  medieval towns and from where you can enjoy unforgettable views stretching from Mount Učka all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

More about Trekking race

Trekking race is a trail run race including elements of orientation. It is very popular in Croatia and Slovenia.

The configuration of terrain is the same as for the trail run race, except that in Brtonigla Adventure Trek the trekking trail is not fully marked - instead the trail only has checkpoints. A participant receives a trekking map with checkpoints plotted and it is up to the participant to decide the best or the fastest route to reach each of checkpoints. However, the orientation is fairly  simple.


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