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Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery, Brtonigla, 25.06.-02.07.2022.

In 1989 the Aleksandar Rukavina Memorial Gallery was built in Brtonigla on the site of an old slaughterhouse and studio, exhibiting works and sculptures by the artist, professor and founder of Grožnjan as the city of artists. The collection of the Gallery consists of sculptures made in the period from 1960 to 1980. For a small town, the existence of the gallery is a connection between the art and cultural heritage of Istria and the aim is to preserve all of this.

KIPAR is the c  roatian acronym for the Aleksandar Rukavina School of Sculpture, founded in 2018 and born from the need to revitalize the gallery and enhance the work of A. Rukavina.

The summer school is held in the gallery, where students transform their ideas into stone sculptures. The students work under the professional supervision of Silvester Ninić, while the school's artistic coordinator and director is Rosana Giusti.

Those interested in new experiences will be able to try the technique of manual stone modeling upon notice at or

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