Wine cellars Open doors Day

  • 26May

Wine road of the Buje area



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The ideal date for a trip to the north-western Istria is the Day of Open Wine Cellars that has been traditionally held in the last Sunday in May throughout the world.

On that day, the wine makers open the gates of their realms wide open, and, from the morning until the evening, offer the best they have from their production - the superior Istrian wine, welcoming the streams of guests and wine-tasters with lots of stamina and attention.

Since there are numerous internationally recognized top-notch cellars in this small region of Umag-Novigrad, there is no doubt that you will taste there some of the best wines that are presently offered in Croatia.

It is worth tasting the autochthonous varieties, the white Istrian malvasia and the red teran, and especially the Muscat of Momjan, specific to the narrow area around Momjan near Buje, here it is produced in its best variety.

The wines of the north-western Istria do not only win medals, each of them has its own interesting story, anecdote or idea. The wine cellars are mostly the family businesses, and their tours mean meeting the family traditions and history.

Wine Day in Istria is a real festival, where the magical stories about the emergence of wine and its tradition are told in the relaxed atmosphere.

Dedicated to the culture of wine, the last Sunday in May is a real opportunity to travel through picturesque landscapes and wine riches of the north-western Istria.

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