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Known as a supreme delicacy ever since the times of the Mesopotamian rulers, Roman emperors, the French court and the Austro - Hungarian monarchs, the truffle has always been and remains a prestigious gastronomic ingredient worldwide.

In the heart of the Mirna river valley a hundred years ago a place called Livade has developed and since the beginning of the 20th century when in the valley of the Mirna river white truffles were discovered, this little place has become world famous as the center of the famous Istrian white truffle. In Istria there are several fairs and festivals dedicated to the truffle, but since 1994, during October the visit to Tuberfest - the fair of Istrian white truffles, is an exceptional opportunity to see and taste white truffle.

The particular smell of this underground mushroom is everywhere and it’s not hard to find a dish or a product with truffle. Autumn is the season for truffle and other fruits of nature and this event provides an opportunity for local producers and exhibitors to directly promote their products. It is an opportunity for guests to taste but also buy olive oil, wine, honey, ham, cheese, brandy and other specialties.

The rich program of the event over two days allows guests to participate in choosing the bigest truffle of the fair and truffle auction, in chef-driven workshops and in the search of this underground mushroom with an experienced truffle hunter. In the past it was done with the assistance of pigs, but more recently they were replaced by trained dogs, who sniff out the best ones (pigs are more difficult to work with since they often will not only find, but also eat the truffle).

In recent years, the fair is visited by an increasing number of foreign visitors. Spend a weekend in Livade with music, good food and wine and a pleasant scent of truffles. Visit the XXIII. Tuberfest October 22nd and 23rd!

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