The Chestnut Fair or Kestenijada

  • 16Oct



Oprtalj TB

Phone: +385 52 644 077

Tags : Entertainment , Gastronomic events , Food & Wine

In October in Oprtalj all is about one fruit - chestnut, which has an event dedicated to it, the Chestnut Fair or Kestenijada. The first event of its kind in Istria provides visitors with an opportunity to enjoy this typical autumn fruit that grows in the forests of Oprtalj.

Roasted chestnuts, chestnut cakes, dishes with chestnut, chestnut honey, and young wine are offered all day, with the products of many local producers of agricultural products where one can taste and buy local products like garlic, honey, wine, olive oil, pasta...

During the event is organized an exhibitions of hunting trophies of the Hunting Club "Vepar" Oprtalj and mushrooms organized by the members of the mushroom society "Boletus". The agile hunters and mycophagists prepare venison and mushroom stew that disappears as soon as served.

Beside to food, visitors can find their pleasure in the music program performed by the children from the Elementary school Milan Šorgo from Oprtalj, or stroll the winding streets of Oprtalj which spread the smell of roasted chestnuts or dancing to live music. The number of visitors is increasing every year as the offer of chestnut in all variants.

Book October 16th and come to Oprtalj to get some fresh air and spend a pleasant autumn day with a serving of roasted chestnuts and a glass of young wine.

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