Sole Fish Festival

Veliki trg, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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The Town of Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board is organising its second festival ever dedicated to sole fish as a part of this year's Sole Days culinary event. Since the sole fish is called švoja in this part of Istria, the original event name is in fact Švojafest!

The festival will be yet another of a total of 10 happenings of this year's Gnam gnam fest, a gourmet festival starting at the end of April and lasting all up to October. Gnam gnam fest celebrates one of the region's culinary specialties in each of its editions. You can have fun at the Sole Fish Festival on 29 and 30 October starting from 2pm on the Novigrad Veliki trg Square. A large tent will be put up just for this special occasion.

But why sole fish? Why Novigrad? The local waters of Novigrad are abundant in this first-class white fish and the experts say that the northwestern Istria and Novigrad waters have the biggest and tastiest sole fish. The reason is the mixing of the freshwater and saltwater at River Mirna delta and the large amounts of mud water in River Mirna. This is why sole fish became one of Novigrad's gourmet stars. In fact, it is so popular in the local restaurants and taverns that a two-day culinary event is held in its honour.

Sole Fish Festival visitors are in for delicious and creative sole fish specialties, as well as other white fish delights, offered at affordable prices by the event's culinary partner Laguna Novigrad. The festival offer will also include excellent wines, olive oil, cheese, prosciutto and other local specialties, as well as the original Istrian souvenirs showcase and sale. There will be plenty of activities for visitors of all ages, including entertainment activities for children, creative workshops and folklore programmes with plenty of fun and dance music.  

You will have the opportunity to see first-hand how these amazing sole fish dishes are prepared or take cooking classes and try it yourselves. We have also prepared fun culinary competitions and some celebrities will join us as chefs...

We wish you a warm welcome and – bon appétit!


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