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Brtonigla Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 774 307

Tags : Regional delicacies , Events , Food & Wine

Our interesting afternoon itinerary will take you to Brtonigla, a village situated on a hill, surrounded by numerous vineyards and olive groves, only 10 minutes away from the sea.

You will travel back in time by visiting and participating in old crafts workshops, during which the hosts will introduce you to the crafts of their grandfathers.

In organised tastings you will be able to try exquisite delicacies from the area of Brtonigla (wine, olive oil, bread from the 4 soils of Brtonigla, honey, cheese...) and get to know the customs and traditions of the area. In the small square, the caterers of Brtonigla will prepare local specialties and explain their preparation methods.

The meals will be prepared in special earthenware, made for the occasion by the skilful members of the Traditional Craft Association from Brtonigla. The methods of making traditional handicrafts will be presented on the spot as well.

During this pleasant summer afternoon, you will be able to visit the cultural sites of Brtonigla. Especially for this occasion, the Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery, the Churches of St. Zenon and of All Saints, in the centre of Brtonigla, as well as the future Museum of Wine and Rural Production, will open their doors for you. The admission to the gallery and the exhibitions of wines and old photographs of Brtonigla in the future museum is free for all visitors.

Within the event, an attractive fair in shabby chic style will be held, promoting local products and crafts, offering interesting workshops, presentations and a fashion show of clothing and jewellery.

You are invited to join us in Brtonigla and enjoy this interesting programme Colours of tradition.

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