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Villa Rosetta


Villa Rosetta

Phone: +385 52 725 710

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In March, when the sun begins to shine and it is warmer, when the days are longer and more when Malvasia is ready to taste ....

We propose a special weekend for lovers of Istrian Malvasia...

Reach 5 wineries for a distance of approx 65 km and at the end, once completed all the steps you will return to the Villa Rosetta.

At each winery you will taste their Malvasia with an appetizer. We will ask You a question about the Istrian Malvasia in which you have to answer correctly. On the card you received at the start the winery will affix a stamp that will prove you have answer correctly.

At the evening there will be a gala dinner on the theme of northern Adriatic fish and Istrian Malvasia, where you deliver the cards and you will receive the diploma for having participated in the tour of Malvasia and have learned something more about our beautiful Istrian Malvasia and also about Istria.

Route :

Check-out: Villa Rosetta - Zambratija

1 . stop Degrassi - Bassania
2 . stop Cuj - Farnezina
3 . stop Kozlović - Momiano
4 . stop Kabola Kanedolo
5 . stop Coronica - Coronichi

Back at the Villa Rosetta

Themed dinner with the Malvasia of 5 producers

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