Karigador Fish Fest

  • 19Aug



Brtonigla Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 774 307

Tags : Food & Wine , Brtonigla , Gastronomic events

Imagine a relaxing summer evening besides the sea with good company, the aroma of fresh fish on the grill and the sound of the accordion. Pay a visit to the Karigador Fish Fest on 19th August and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The smell and sounds of a real fish festival will spread over the little pier, alongside bay and will warm you perfectly up for the Evenings of Karigador, a traditional event of the programme on the last weekend of July. Fish specialities, Istrian wine and traditional produce along with live music will spice up the experience of the otherwise peaceful and romantic Karigador.

All of the curious amongst you who have already become acquainted with the green richness of Brtonigla will also have the chance to discover its blue, sea side. By tasting the typical seafood delicacies you will experience the local customs and the fishing tradition of this area. Warm hospitality, the local music and the idyllic bay at dusk will etch itself into everyone’s memory.

To experience all the charms of this fishing village, visit the Karigador Fish Fest! It is the best introduction to the Evenings of Karigador event where a great party and quality cuisine melt into one right besides the sea.

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