Festival of Istrian Malvasia

  • 24Jun
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  • 25Jun



Brtonigla Tourist Board

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Brtonigla traditionally hosts the Festival of Istrian Malvasia, the queen of regional wines.

It is a refreshing, elegant wine, containing a fruity note and, thanks to its low percentage of alcohol, is ideal for consuming with light meals.

This popular festival in Brtonigla nurtures the traditional savouring of this top-quality wine, and it brings together local tastes, traditions and entertainment. Guests are welcomed by renowned vintners who throw open the doors to their underground treasures, while telling tales and anecdotes of the path of thorns that leads to the creation of top-quality wine.

These festivities are more than regional in character, as they are visited by many winemakers from other parts of Croatia and from abroad, who offer the latest achievements in the production of Malvasia. Istria, one of the few areas in the world that is home to the Malvasia grape, is recognized as a place where Malvasia wine is evaluated and celebrated.

Brtonigla also offers professionally guided wine-tasting sessions, making the festival an opportunity to learn a thing or two about the secrets and pleasures of wine. The range of Malvasia wines offered is wide, enabling guests to experience the essence of Istrian wine, based for centuries on Malvasia grapes, while enjoying good company and the pleasant ambience.

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