The Holiday of Grapes

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Buje Tourist Board

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Buje is a place of fertile fields and vineyards. It has a one-hundred year old tradition of celebrating and giving thanks for the produce of its land. In early times, the festival symbolically marked the start of the grape-harvesting season.

Today, it is a prominent and well-known celebration with a variety of programmes, numerous games, tasting sessions, music and dance.

Local farming traditions are manifested in hundreds of ways during the festivities, while at the same time thanks is given for the soil’s fertility. Gathering in a great allegorical procession, residents and their guests reminisce about work done in the fields, and the harvesting and processing of the grapes. They also announce the beginning of autumn activities that take place in the wine cellars.

A very interesting part of the festival demonstrates how the local wine called mištel was produced according to an old recipe from Buje. This event is the very heart and soul of the festival. Recently, it has been held at Liberty Square - renamed the Court of Bacchus for this occasion - in the old part of the town. The procession reaches the Court; the grapes are unloaded into large barrels, and then crushed under the bare feet of young maidens, as in times gone by.

The most beautiful photographs and memories are created in that moment, while rosy-cheeked maidens summon the times when this was the way that field hands squeezed juice from grapes, juice that would be transformed into wine.

The Festival of Grapes is one of the most important and most splendid of festivals in Buje. It comprises entertainment and sports activities for children, youths and elderly citizens alike.

Visitors can also expect to find books and publications dealing with wine, as well as enjoy concerts, prize-winning games and many other surprises.

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