Gnam-Gnam Fest: Sardine pilchard fest

  • 07Sep

Veliki trg, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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The fourth in a series of gourmet events, which make up this year’s Novigrad Gourmet Festival Gnam-gnam Fest, is dedicated to the sardine and other oily fish.

It has long been known that oily fish, perhaps the most widely known of which is the sardine, are a very rich source of protein, unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and vitamins of the B group, making them a particularly healthy and desirable part of our diet. If you wish to reduce the level of cholesterol in your body, improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls and in this way aid the regulation of your blood pressure and reduce the risk of clogged blood vessels, the sardine and other oily fish – anchovies, mackerel, tuna – should be on your table as often as possible.

If getting enough oily fish is a challenge then be sure not to miss the opportunity to enjoy it when offered shiny and fresh and, all the better, tastily prepared. That is precisely how you will be able to taste it, sometimes in offbeat culinary arrangements, at Novigrad's Sardine Festival, staged this year on the 7th of September.

The Sardine Festival will offer an opportunity to sample tasty and imaginative gourmet snacks based on sardines and other oily fish prepared for you especially for this occasion by experienced chefs. You'll also have an opportunity to try them with some of the top wines produced by local winemakers.

A small fair accompanying the event will offer agricultural and other products produced locally by diligent hands – with, of course, a little help from Mother Nature. You'll have an opportunity to sample – and to buy at promotional prices – excellent extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and other dairy products, prosciutto and other cured meat products, homemade noodles, tasty sweets, natural cosmetics and much, much more.

There will also be an exhibition of handmade original local souvenirs and other handicrafts available for purchase and a music and animation programme with a nice, unobtrusive musical backdrop to the whole event of music and dance.

The week of the Sardine Festival will also provide an opportunity to sample tasty meals featuring sardines and other oily fish at restaurants, local konoba and other food vendors in and around Novigrad. As festival partners they will offer menus based on oily fish. While the event at Novigrad's Diocesan Park will offer an opportunity to sample sardines and other oily fish in some diverse and very special culinary arrangements, our gourmet partners will offer many traditional meals based on these excellent and healthy ingredients at their food venues. Perhaps sardines served sweet and sour in the famed sarde in soar recipe, or salted anchovies spiced with just a dash of pepper, onions and extra virgin olive oil, or perhaps sparkling fresh sardines fried or grilled, or maybe some mackerel, or a nice juicy tuna steak … pick and chose and – bon appétit!

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Welcome to the Pilchard Festival!

Starting at 7:30 PM

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