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Find out what life was like when bread was painstakingly made by hand and actual thirst quenched with wine at Folk & wine festival in Brtonigla. This summer manifestation is conceived as an instant journey to the Istrian past - visitors become a part of centuries-long traditions presented through work, games, folk dances, traditional cuisine and dress styles of our grandparents.

Surrounded with hectares of wheat, grapevine and olive oil, the inhabitants of Brtonigla have always been an agricultural force in the region and the mills in the nearby valley of the river of Mirna ground grains from the surrounding fields. The process of making bread was moved to the heart of the town in the 19th century: as many as eight archaic threshers were in use and flour obtained from the mill which is currently being converted into the Museum of wine and rural production.


Although nowadays, wine and olive oil are far more important products in Brtonigla than flour, once wheat begins to fly off the only remaining thresher, the atmosphere of the Folk & wine festival will immediately take the visitors back in time. The atmosphere is enriched with folk dances and fashion show of ethno clothes or old-fashioned pyjamas, with unusual runners raising the adrenaline on town streets. Find out who will be the first one to reach the finish line with a barrel in a real race and slalom with barrels. Afterwards do not miss the rapid bottle filling contest when the contestants will show their ability (not) to spill wine.

Being great hosts, the inhabitants of Brtonigla would not let a festivity go without excellent food and wine delicacies. All restaurants and taverns offer authentic homemade food, accompanied with Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Merlot and other wines and brandies earning numerous medals for local winemakers.

Along the lines of the principle “Bread is food for the stomach, wine is food for the soul”, Folk & wine festival is always bearing testament to the essence of life in this small, but vivacious town of Northwestern Istria.

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