Days of seashells in northwestern Istria

  • 14Feb
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  • 20Mar


Tourist Boards of the cities of Umag-Novigrad-Brtonigla-Buje


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From 14.02. - 20.03.2018. gourmands will have an opportunity to savour delicious sea morsels at the Days of seashells organized by the tourist boards of Umag, Novigrad, Brtonigla and Buje on the territory of north-western Istria.

Restaurants will offer imaginative menus! The culinary delicacies will be paired with premium local wines and olive oils this region is renowned for far and wide.

Istrian shells - scallops, mussels, sea truffles, Noah’s arks, queen scallops and oysters have a special flavour owing to clean sea. They are brought to the plate both wild-grown and cultivated. The shell cultivation tradition can be traced back to antiquity and scallops are most frequently harvested from the waters off the west coast of Istria, in the vicinity of a fresh water source, primarily at the estuary of the river of Mirna, known for premium samples.


They are best during winter, and whichever recipe you choose, you can’t go wrong. In stewed savoury sauce seasoned with classical spices like garlic and parsley, tomatoes, olive oil and white wine, with homemade pasta, in risottos, oven baked, grilled or in sophisticated modern combinations.

What's on the specially prepared menus and in which restaurants will top chefs create new gourmet experiences for you, you can find out soon at our website.

Below is a list of restaurants that are participating in the Days of Seashells including their menus and prices:

Due to weather and/or other reasons, particular ingredients (shellfish) may not be available as listed in the menu. Reservations are recommended.

Astarea Ronkova 9, Brtonigla +385 52 774 384 PDF
Gatto nero Zidine 10, Novigrad +385 52 255 555 PDF
Lux Casinò Hotel Mulino Škrile 75a, Buje +385 52 725 300 PDF
Nono Umaška ul.35, Petrovija, Umag +385 52 740 160 PDF
Porto Salvore Savudrija 5, Savudrija +385 52 759 213 PDF
San Benedetto Dajla 35, Novigrad +385 52 735 484 PDF
Silvano Marconi 10, Brtonigla +385 99 707 27 04 PDF
Tomato Rotonda ul. 2, Novigrad +385 99 575 7650 PDF
Toni Siparska ul. 7, Zambratija +385 52 759 570 PDF
Tre Volti Klija 19 Martinčići, Grožnjan +385 91 752 4145 PDF
Vilola Umaška 2a, Zambratija +385 52 759 940 PDF

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