An Evening of Jacobs' Scallops in Novigrad

  • 01Jun

Mandrač, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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The gastronomic manifestation celebrating scallops as well as other shellfish and seafood, promoting Novigrad as an important gastronomic destination with specific gastronomic specialties.

The Novigrad scallop which, according to many, is the best in the world, definitely belongs to this group. The programme will take place in the town harbour, the so called Mandrač, and the offer of dishes with scallop and other shellfish at symbolic prices will be spread over a several dozen meters long table along Mandrač.

The offer will include the specialties made by numerous Novigrad's restaurants and taverns, winemakers, olive growers, souvenir manufacturers..., within the programme there will be show-cooking of several dishes from scallops. The manifestation will of course include an appropriate music and animation programme, with traditional music, funny games, children's corner with animation, etc.

During ''the scallop weekend'' caterers will provide a special offer of dishes based on this shellfish. By this gourmet manifestation Novigrad marks the beginning of the tourist season.


During the week and weekend when Novigrad Scallops Evening is held, you will be able to sample delicious dishes made with this and other fresh shellfish from the waters of Novigrad in restaurants, konobas and other food & beverage outlets in Novigrad partners to the event, which have prepared special menus featuring dishes based on scallops and other shellfish.

We invite you to visit the northwest of Istria-Novigrad during Gnam-Gnam Fest-An Evening of Jacobs' Scallops and to enjoy all the delicacies prepared with Jacobs' Scallops.

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