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Mark 70 years of the minesweeper at the sea bed of north-western Istria! Join the exciting diving expedition. Find out the intriguing story about the sunken minesweeper Coriolanus at the attractive location for higher-category divers.

On 05 May 2015, diving lovers can experience a true sea adventure in the waters of north-western Istria. The commemoration dive before the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the British navy minesweeper HMS Coriolanus. As a memory of the unique event, you will receive a special edition of a t-shirt to take home with you.

  • Location of the Coriolanus wreck:
  • 45d 19m 9s N
  • 13d 25m 25s E
  • Around 6 Nm from the Istrian coast
  • At the depth of 17-30 m

Meet the Shakespearean tragedian

The name is a sign, as the Latin proverb says. This is witnessed by the story about Coriolanus. The same as all ships in its class, it was named after a hero from William Shakespeare’s work. The tragic hero transferred his destiny to the eponymous British Royal Navy war ship that did not see the end of World War II. It sunk 3 days earlier, on 05 May 1945, while cleaning the waters of the north-western Istria from placed underwater mines.

  • Facts about HMS Coriolanus:
  • British Royal Navy war ship from the Shakespeare class
  • Weight 554 t, length 46 m, width 8.5 m
  • Weapon – one 12-pound cannon and three 20 mm cannons
  • Launched on 02 September 1940, sunk by a mine on 05 May 1945
  • Its captain was Lieutenant N. Hunt
  • Unofficially, the ship also participated in important intelligence operations during World WarII

Be bold and curious! Discover the secret of north-western Istria preserved by nets. Mark the 70th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Coriolanus with us.

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