Piazza Grande Music & Wine

  • 27Apr

Veliki trg, Novigrad

Tags : Istria , Novigrad

The central town square, popular Piazza Grande, will be hosting an exceptional music event for all! Various musical groups will be hitting the stage in Veliki trg at the very heart of the old town, bringing great entertainment and infectious dance rhythms that will heat up summer nights in Novigrad.

The melodies and rhythms of funk, soul, pop, rock and other music genres will fill Piazza Grande with positive vibes for a true musical treat! Be sure not to miss this dancing party!

Exquisite wines of the Novigrad winemakers will further elevate your mood and make this experience a memorable one.

As long as you are there, why not visit a small local product fair and taste or buy some of our well-known authentic local products…

See you in Piazza Grande!

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