Park food fest

  • 03Oct

Mandrač, Novigrad


Tourist Board Novigrad

Phone: +385 52 757 075

Tags : Istria , Food & Wine , Novigrad

Northwestern Istria’s visitors looking for excellent food and drink from the region can enjoy a brand new open-air gourmet and wine event held at the Novigrad Fishermen’s Park, next to the old Mandrač harbour and in the harbour itself. Park Food Fest brings together street food and show cooking from renowned local restaurants. In one day, guests can enjoy diverse and inventive ready-to-eat meals made with seasonal ingredients, prepared and served just like in top restaurants.

Istrian cuisine will be the autumn festival’s theme, which means a wide selection of local dishes will be prepared based on fish, seafood, meat, and – of course – truffles. Respecting traditional cuisine and the principle of “how grandma used to cook”, the guest chefs will show you just how modern and creative Istrian cuisine can be. Given the fact that the street food concept goes well beyond traditional culinary rules and principles, you can expect entirely new, different and unique gourmet experiences at Park Food Fest amidst the singular atmosphere of this Mediterranean town.

The creative, delicious meals prepared by chefs from Michelin-rated restaurants at each of the festival’s parks will be paired with world-class white and red wines by northwestern Istria’s winemakers, as well as excellent craft beers made by Istrian brewers. To round off the experience, the festival will have its own musical backdrop from the afternoon until the early evening.

Visit us at Novigrad’s Park Food Fest and be a part of a unique, unforgettable hedonistic adventure for all five senses to revel in! Welcome and bon appétit!

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