Novigrad Eco Day

  • 20Apr
  • ~
  • 21Apr


Tags : Ecology , Novigrad

Earth Day will again be celebrated in Novigrad with the Novigrad Eco Day event.

Everybody who wishes to do so can join an environmental clean-up campaign that kicks off in the morning at a number of locations throughout the town, from the beaches, promenades and woods to the seabed in the town harbour.

Once their work is done – a symbolic and concrete contribution to a more beautiful and cleaner Novigrad – all participants of Novigrad Eco Day will continue socialising at an outdoor get-together and open-air luncheon hosted by the event organisers.

It will also be a day on which we will, if only briefly, reflect on how important it is to care for our environment, how important our relationship with the natural world is and how important our only common home, our planet Earth, is.


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