The Lunasa Astral Party

  • 31Jul
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  • 01Aug

Novigrad Episcopate Park, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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We invite all those who love and enjoy magic and stories of ancient civilizations to come and visit Novigrad at the height of the summer season, when a unique astral party called Lunasa is held.

This celebration is based on an old Celtic tradition that called August 1 by the name of Lunasa and celebrated it as the first day of summer.

Festival evenings are full of entertainment and educational events. Visitors can, with the help of expert astronomers and authorities on the subject, observe the heavens and listen to interesting lectures. A fashion show, various other shows and performances are included in the programme, as well as exhibitions of jewellery, astrological knick-knacks and eco-products.

Under the dimmed streetlights, surrounded by ambience music, new-age and ethno music, the festival of Lunasa cloaks the town centre of Novigrad in completely new attire. This magical atmosphere calls to mind ancient worlds of fairies and elves from old Celtic beliefs, as well as stories and legends, passed on by word of mouth, that survive to the present day.

The eager guest will soak in the extraordinary ambience of maritime Novigrad, and perhaps buy a souvenir or an ecological product offered in the stalls. A part of the programme that we must single out is the projection of photographic images of celestial bodies onto the town bell-tower.


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