Ethno music under the bell tower - Novigrad

  • 14Aug

Veliki trg, Novigrad


Novigrad-Cittanova Tourist Board

Phone: +385 52 757 075

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Just under the Novigrad bell tower, the town’s most recognisable motif and symbol, in the main town square Veliki trg, enjoy a programme in the spirit of tradition; from sales and exhibition fair of local agricultural products, handicrafts and souvenirs, through Istrian folk dances, to different forms of traditional music.

The main part of the event is a concert of ethno or traditional music, in the original or somewhat more modern arrangements. It aims to present at least a part of the rich musical tradition of the Istrian peninsula (its Croatian, Slovenian and Italian part), as well as the rest of Croatia. The programme is further enriched by folk dance performances.

During the evening, the local winemakers, olive growers, producers of honey, cheese, souvenirs and other autochthonous products will present their offer in Veliki trg as well. In order to add an extra touch of tradition, an art exhibition with ethno motives and a presentation of traditional crafts and trades are organized as well.

Visitors will certainly be interested in the tasting offer of traditional Istrian dishes, of both coastal cuisine, based on seafood, as well as the one typical of the interior of Istria.

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