Che gusto! Wine & Beer Festival

  • 28Jul



Tourist Board Novigrad

Phone: +385 52 757 075

Tags : Food & Wine , Novigrad

This year, Novigrad will once again host a meeting of renowned winemakers, brewers and food producers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia as a part of the Che gusto! event in late July.

In the lovely atmosphere of the atrium of the Italian Union, in the very heart of Novigrad’s old town centre, visitors will have the opportunity to taste world-class products and learn something about them directly from the producers themselves.

Che gusto! is a must for all lovers of good food, wine, beer and gourmet cuisine in general, as well as for those interested in learning more about world-class products from a wide selection of established, high-quality international producers.

Gourmets and hedonists alike will certainly be thrilled to know that one of the event’s co-organisers is the Istrian branch of the world-famous Slow Food International Organisation.

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