Artery - festival of Visual Arts

  • 19Aug
  • ~
  • 22Aug

Historic centre, Novigrad


Museum Lapidarium

Phone: +385 52 726 582

Tags : Events , Novigrad

Arterija – the 12th International Festival of Visual Arts

‘No security deposit: in memoriam Heiko Daxl’, in cooperation with Ingeborg Fülepp of the Center for Innovative Media CIM-APURI, Rijeka

The festival focuses on the arts in the context of science, ecology, technologies and various aspects of modern music and sounds throughout the media. It features workshops, student training, exhibitions, audio-visual performances and multimedia installations, honouring Heiko Daxl (1957-2012) – a pioneer of Europe's new media art to whom the Novigrad festival greatly owes its existence.


19 August: Marko Ciciliani: ‘Kilgore’s Resort’, an audio-visual interactive installation

‘STEINA’, a concert: violin, electronic music, video and laser projections

20 August: Barbara Lüneburg ‘Slices of Life’, a concert: violin, multimedia performance



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