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Exhibition World War I in the Adriatic

The dramatic saga of World War I began to unfold exactly one hundred years ago. This anniversary is an opportunity that must not be missed in the memory of all its victims and from piety towards them. The Gallerion naval collection from Novigrad and the Military Museum of the Croatian Army, in cooperation with fifteen Croatian and international institutions, will present the importance of these tragic events for the first time in history by a special exhibition.

With a multitude of documents, numerous photographs, original arms and especially with over 350 authentic ship, submarine and aircraft replicas, the exhibition will best present the nature of military-naval operations in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. All forms of warfare and types of activities under such special living conditions will be included and presented in the best way possible. Some aspects will be dealt with and presented to the public for the first time, i.e. submarine or aircraft operations.

This exhibition and its expressive documentation intend to present all the complexity of wartime operations in our sea. It is also the best introduction into the final realization of the new, contemporary Military-Naval Museum, conceived to have an international character in its final version.

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