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Imagine a relaxing summer evening besides the sea with good company, the aroma of fresh fish on the grill and the sound of the accordion. Pay a visit to the Karigador nights and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.Fish specialities, Istrian wine and traditional produce along with live music will spice up the experience of the otherwise peaceful and romantic Karigador.  It is the biggest festivity in this peaceful fishermen village situated between Umag and Novigrad, bringing to life the entire bay and the nearby tourist camps.

Wealthy Romans built their holiday villas on these shores, and the village itself was a trading port for Istria and Venice for centuries, due to its unique location in a shallow bay. That’s why it was called Karigador, or “golden loading port” in Italian. Nowadays, its inhabitants are opening their homes to guests wishing to spend their vacation here, and a large camp for nature enthusiasts was opened in the preserved natural environment by the sea.

Karigador nights guarantee pleasant relaxation at the height of the summer season to all visitors – the beach is within easy reach, just like excellent Istrian wines, seafood specialties and live music.

A torchlight procession passing through the most beautiful parts of Karigador shore will ensure moments to cherish forever. A nice promenade by the sea will bring you to the festivity, where you will be enveloped by the hum of the crowds and irresistible aroma of specialities.

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