IdejaX, National Advertising Festival

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Casino Solei


HURA and IAB Croatia

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This year Umag was chosen to host the second National Advertising Festival IdejaX, organized by the Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA) and Interactive Marketing Association "IAB Hrvatska". In fact, they are the protagonists of a huge advertising arena in which classic and online media daily intertwine and complete each other.

The National Advertising Festival is of relevance for the affirmation and promotion of the profession and its vision is to create a traditional venue in which the best Croatian advertising works can compete against each other on a wide spectrum of media platforms, as well as to become the key place for the exchange of the best marketing ideas on the national and regional stage.

As a new project, IdejaX has the function of identifying ideas that distinguish excellent from mediocre works, projects that move boundaries and set new standards both in the classic and new, digital media.

The festival which exceeded all expectations of its organizers in its first year - with over 1200 participants, over 270 registered works, 30 award winners, 18 excellent lecturers and panel discussions, 12 155 facebook fans in only two months and 764 twitter followers - expects an even better year in Umag.

The location of this year's festival is Casino Solei. The organizers wish for all participants is to have a special experience and offer them a different space which, although previously used for the meeting and entertainment of large masses, has never been used for educational or festival purposes.

Don't miss this special event, register now and learn more about participation fees and registrations on our website

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