Umag’s tourist train

Umag’s tourist train runs without rails, and it has long been a popular attraction and favourite mode of transport for the numerous guests who stay in the resorts outside of town. Thanks to the comfortable climate, the train runs from Polinezija to Umag and back from Easter to All Saints’ Day. It leaves roughly every half hour, and it stops in Punta, Stella Maris, Katoro and Polinezija resorts. The current schedule posted at the station is adjusted in accordance with the number of guests staying at the resorts.

Useful information

  • Tourist train route: Polinezija – Umag – Polinezija
  • Ride time (one way): 25 to 30 minutes
  • Length of line (one way): 7km
  • Departure: roughly every half hour
  • Ticket price (one way): HRK 30 (adults), HRK 15 (children from 3 to 10 years of age)

Katoro Express: The first tourist train in Umag

Way back in the summer of 1971, the first tourist train in Umag was officially put into service between Umag and Katoro. The train had 34 seats, but due to high demand, it rarely carried less than 50 passengers. It consisted of four wagons, one of which had an electric motor and served as the locomotive. It ran six times a day, and the full loop from Umag to Katoro and back at 10kph took an hour and a half, stops included. Tourists, who nicknamed the train the “Katoro Express”, could ride it from April all the way to late September for just a few dinars.

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