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POU Ante Babić Umag

Phone: +385 52 741 764

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Between 10 July and 21 August 2019, the Umago Ethno, Jazz&Blues festival will take place, featuring concerts by local and international artists who promote jazz, ethno and blues music in Luciano Delbianco Park.

10 July 2019
ATMA MUNDI ENSEMBLE, 9:00PM, Luciano Delbianco Park
Zoran Majstorović
- guitar, oud, ukulele, saz, compositions
Simone Serafini - double bass
Borko Rupena - drums, percussion
Mirko Cisilino - trumpet

The Atma Mundi Ensemble is a new, unique phenomenon on the music scene. Original songwriter music inspired by world musical heritage based on rich instrumentation that uses roughly 30 various stringed and percussion instruments. This jazz/world music project is led by jazz musician, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer Zoran Majstorović.

17 July 2019
Vojkan Jocić
- sax
Hrvoje Galler - piano
Elvis Penava - guitar
Borna Šercar - drums

Jazziana Croatica is a leader in modern instrumental ethno-jazz. This ensemble was founded to connect Croatian traditional music with American jazz heritage in order to create musical content specific to this area. The undeniable success of this concept and the originality of Jazziana Croatia's expression is confirmed by their numerous worldwide performances and the many awards they have received.

14 August 2019
ŠĆIKE ETHNO GROUP, 9:00PM, Luciano Delbianco Park
Zoran Karlić -
vocals, mih, roženica, sopila
Dorijan Floričić - vocals, bajs, accordion
Moreno Marušić - drums, percussion
Armin Poldrugovac - bass guitar, vocals
Ratko Barać - electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
Massimo Fornažar - Triestina accordion, shakers
Milan Grbić – violin, vocals

The Šćike ethno group presents Istrian traditional music in an entirely new, modern way the members themselves describe as "adventurous". The group is known for its energetic performances that range from acoustic sounds to rock, pop, jazz, and even reggae. 

21 August 2019
TOMISLAV GOLUBAN TRIO, 9:00PM, Luciano Delbianco Park
Tomislav Goluban
- harmonica
Nebojša Buhin - guitar
Danko Burić - guitar

Tomislav Goluban - blues musician, singer, songwriter and harmonica player, has a unique form of musical expression that combines blues with Croatian traditional music in a fascinating way. His combination of harmonica and guitar leads us on a blues, boogie-woogie and rock journey enriched with elements of Croatian traditional music.

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