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From 6 July to 18 August local and international artists who promote jazz and ethno-music will be holding concerts at various locations in Umag as part of the Umag-o Ethno & Jazz. This summer Umag-o Ethno & Jazz will host the following artists:

Garibaldi Stage – Garden of the City Palace (Gradska palača), Umag

  • Dunja Knebl - vocals
  • Danijel Maoduš - guitars
  • Hrvoje Ban - accordion, flutes
  • Hrvoje Nikšić - harmony, percussion
  • Hrvoje Sudar - violin, percussion

Dunja Knebl began to perform in public in 1993 with a repertoire of lesser-known traditional Croatian songs. She interprets these songs in collaboration with her band Kololira, based on the sheet music and texts she researches in collections of books.

Marija and Lina Square (Trg Marije i Line), Umag

  • Darko Jurković Charlie – guitar
  • Tihomir Hojsak – contrabass
  • Janko Novoselić - drums

Guitarist Darko Jurković – Charlie, one of the doyennes of Croatian jazz, decided to start the Trio in order to prove that the Croatian jazz scene has a happy and healthy future ahead. The rhythm section of this Trio is formed by two young, elite talents from our local scene, contrabassist Tihomir Hojsak and drummer Janko Novoselić. The repertoire of this evening-long concert includes original compositions by Jurković, Novoselić and Hojsak as well as a number of interesting interpretations of well-known jazz standards.

30. 7. 2017. AMIRA MEDUNJANIN & band
Garibaldi Stage – Garden of the City Palace (Gradska palača), Umag

You simply fall in love with the interpretations of Sarajevo artist Amira Medunjanin. Whether you enjoy sevdah or not, the positivity Amira exudes is impossible to ignore, to say nothing of her fantastic talent for infusing every performance with the same passion, regardless of whether she is performing in a stadium or in a small local venue.

12. 8. 2017. B'S FUNstellation
Garibaldi Stage – Garden of the City Palace (Gradska palača), Umag

  • Mario Bočić - tenor saxophone
  • Miron Hauser - trombone
  • Zvonimir Bajević - trumpet
  • Luka Žužić - keyboard, trombone
  • Goran Rukavina - contrabass, electric bass guitar
  • Adriano Bernobić - drums

B's FUNstellation is made up of six young musicians from Croatia and a Slovenian jazz generation brought together by trumpeter Zvonimir Bajević in spring 2012. This project, whose creative achievements are fully and openly supported by each of the “cogs” in its wheel naturally grew out of a long collaboration in music and friendship through the HGM Zagreb Jazz Orchestra. Members of the ensemble include.

16. 8. 2017. Damjans Gerbaz – GIIPUJA
Marija and Lina Square (Trg Marije i Line), Umag

  • Damjan Grbac - contrabass
  • Tonči Grabušić - drums
  • Andreas Marinello - saxophones
  • Marko First - violin and sopile

Damjan Grbac, contrabassist from Kastav and graduate of the Trieste Jazz Academy is the type of musician that is always missing at a party. He is a researcher, innovator and uncompromised artist with boundless interpretations of traditional music from the regions of Istria and Primorje, also protected by UNESCO. After two recorded albums, GIIPUJA and Gerbaz GIIPUJA for Aquarius Records and Menart, the answer to “what’s next” was provided by Grbac himself, surprising us with a new project called Forest GIIPUJA. The same group of excellent musicians thus begins another adventure, this time in the musical middle-earth of Istria and Primorje, where legend says that frightening beasts and magical fairies rule.

Freedom Square (Trg slobode) Umag

  • Tamara Obrovac - vocals, composition
  • Uroš Rakovec - el. guitar
  • Žiga Golob - el. bass
  • Krunoslav Levačić - drums
  • Joe Kaplovitz - keyboard
  • Luka Žužić – trombone
  • Branko Sterpin – trumpet
  • Mihael Gyorek - alto saxophone
  • Ana Jakšić - back vocals
  • Jelena Janković - back vocals

A unique and passionate musical journey through Istria and the Mediterranean through the prism of modern jazz. Interpreting Tamara’s unique music, the renowned musicians of her international Transhistria Ensemble skilfully and naturally bring together modern jazz with elements of Istrian and Mediterranean music, achieving an unbelievable lightness of expression, something only the greatest artists can achieve.

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