Humagum Park – The green heart of Umag

When in Umag, you should make sure to visit Humagum Park, a beautiful corner of the town attracting both kids and adults. The park offers unforgettable relaxing moments and recreation alike in gorgeous surroundings full of native Istrian and Mediterranean greenery. Humagum is part of Umag’s coastal promenade, which makes it especially easy to find: any stroll to see Umag’s sights will also bring you to Humagum Park.

Bench or seesaw?

You can enjoy a view of the sea and the beautiful panorama of the coast and the Adriatic while you stroll or rest on one of the park’s benches, including two particularly impressive solar benches. During the summer, thanks to the amphitheatre that also serves as a small summer stage, you can enjoy concerts and plays in the park as well.

The park also offers entertainment for youngsters on a well-equipped playground with a wide range of play equipment, including a swing designed for children with developmental disabilities. However, Humagum isn’t just for the young and agile – its street workout equipment means adults can stay active here too.

A pleasure for all five senses

You’re sure to meet many of Umag’s residents in the park, who have also come to relax and enjoy this green oasis in the midst of their town. The park's unique Rose Garden, more than two hundred metres long and bordered with more than two hundred rose bushes, is also definitely worth visiting. There you can find peace and quiet for all of your senses – the aromatic scent and unbelievable colours will make you want to stay on this fragrant trail as long as possible.

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