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The most famous winemakers in Umag are Coronica, Cuj, and Degrassi. These names will provide you an indescribable taste and pleasure of drinking wine. Addining to that, around Umag there are numerous wine roads that connect wines makers and their wine cellars. While visiting them, most winemakers will explain how wine is being made and give you the opportunity to taste and buy their products. The list of winemakers in Umag and their locations can be viewed below.

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    Name Address Phone
    Coronica Moreno Koreniki 86 - map +385 52 730 357
    Vineyards are situated on Istrian red soil, better known as Terra Rossa. They mostly cultivate autochthonous sorts that are a pure expression of their vineyards. Apart from the autochthonous, they also cultivate international sorts Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – from which Grabar wine is made. They offer guests fresh malvasia for tasting – the recognisable aged Gran Malvazija, teran and the price of the winery – Gran Teran and Grabar. They are open for visitors, and an announcement is necessary for the tour and guided tasting.

    Wines: Malvazija, Teran, Marlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Additional information:
    Cuj-Kraljević Farnežine 5 - map +385 98 219 277
    Years of family tradition in grape, wine and olive oil production resulted in top quality products named CUJ. The new cellar and oil mill of the Cuj family were built in 2006 near Umag. The vineyards are located on three positions, covering a total of 6 hectares. Everybody who is interested can visit the cellar and the oil mill and taste the wines and olive oils, and the tasting of local delicacies with an expert guide and education on wine and olive oil is possible with an announcement (no more than 50 persons).

    Wines: Buža, Chardonnay, Malvazija, Malvazija Baština, Muškat Špekula, Rose, Teran

    Additional information:
    Degrassi Moreno Podrumarska 3 - map +385 52 759 250
    Degrassi winery, which has been managed by Moreno Degrassi and his father Nino since 1990s, is located in Savudrija near Umag. The first bottle of the Degrassi winery was launched with the year 1996, and until today those wines grew both with the number of lables and with quality, which is proven by many prizes. They produce the grapes themselves on 25 ha of land, and the harvest is done manually. All those who are interested can tour the cellar with previous announcement (up to 25 persons) and enjoy the Degrassi wines with home-made cold cuts and olive oil.

    Wines: Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon terre rosse, Chardonnay, Chardonnay barrique, Malvazija, Malvazija riserva, Malvazija riserva, Malvazija riserva, Rose, Sauvignon blanc

    Additional information:
    Fiore vina Sarbarica 00 +385 95 501 1555
    Owners of the winery Fiore vina primarily point out the wines obtained from the Malvazija Istarska sort, as well as the development of various wine styles in its full pureness. They offer a tour of the wine cellar, as well as the tasting of their products with various Istrian specialties.

    Wines: Malvazija Istarska Boschetto, Malvazija istarska Campo – sparkling wine, Merlot.

    Additional information:
    Monte rosso vina A. Vivode 22 +385 91 279 90 02
    Vina Jakac Korado Istarska ulica 18, Bašanija +385 52 759 127
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