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Even the Ancient Romans recognized Istria as very fertile ground for growing olives. Today olive oil producers in Umag produce outstanding products that are often being awarded. Visitors from all around the world can directly taste different kinds of olive oils while visiting olive growers’ mills and homes. During the visit, the products are usually sold at promotional prices. The list of olive oil producers and their locations in Umag and surrounding areas can be viewed below.

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    Agrofin Romanija 60a - map +385 52 759 281
    Oil mill Agrofin from Savudrija prides itself with the most modern olive oil production plant. The oils are produced from Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino sorts, and, after the daily harvest, they are processed into top quality extra virgin olive oil that same evening. They have 80 hectares of olive groves at disposal.

    Products: Trasparenza Marina, Timbro Istriano, Professional Blend

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    Cuj Farnežine bb - map +385 52 753 347
    Experience and hundreds of years of family tradition in olive oil production, since the 15th century, are responsible for the success of CUJ olive oil. The modern oil mill is located in Farnažine near Umag.

    Products: olive oil

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    Čeko Branko Labinske republike 10 - map +385 52 751 801
    On 8 hectares of planted olive groves, Čeko family farm cultivates the Istarska bjelica, Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Casaliva, and Moraiolo sorts, from which they obtain top quality monosort olive oils. The secret of success is in manual harvest, cold processing and storing at a permanent temperature in inox barrels.

    Products: Sapparis extra virgin olive oil

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    Degrassi Armando G. Martinuzzi 7/III - map +385 52 752 358
    Farma Jola Crveni vrh - map +385 52 737 045
    One of the best known ECO producers of olive oils in Istria emerged from love for nature. Since their very beginnings, they decided to grow olives without using chemical and synthetic agents. The olive grove contains around 2,350 ECO olive trees and no more will be planted because they care about quality, and not quantity. This is also the reason why the popular olive oil is usually sold out already in June.

    Products: Apart from own production of olive oil, they produce the delicious and healthy olive leaf tea

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    Kmet Fam. Šeget 18c - map +385 52 463 786
    Kmet family farm deals exclusively with the production of monosort ecological extra virgin olive oil. They have always based their production on high quality because they want their users to always be satisfied.

    Products: Olive oil

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    Miletić Elvino Murine bb - map +385 91 571 7112
    Monte rosso A. Vivode 22 +385 91 279 90 02
    Olive Charm Pozioi 7 - map +385 52 743 593
    Olive Charm is a family brand of olive oils, created as a result of hundreds of years of tradition in olive growing. Oils produced by Olive Charm have been awarded by a variety of domestic and international prizes, the most prominent of which is the global prize “Oleoteca nazionale Armonia”, within which the quality of Olive Charm extra virgin olive oils was confirmed by 12 international culinary schools managed by the renowned Italian Alma Roma academy.

    Products: Olive Charm olive oils: Leccino, Istarska Bjelica, Buža, Črnica

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    Pilar uljara Stella Maris +385 52 751 395
    Umag-based Pilar oil mill is known for the production of high quality olive oil of intense fruit flavour. They own more than 2000 olive trees that are harvested manually and processed by cold pressing in two phases.

    Products: olive oil
    Selvella Trgovačka 4d - map +385 52 752 928
    The farm was founded more than ten years ago and owns around 2000 olives. Their best product is the monosort olive oil Selvella-Črnica, which combines excellently with red meat and aged cheeses.

    Products: olive oil

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    Zubin Fam. Bušćina 18/b - map +385 52 732 100
    Zubin family farm is the winner of many prizes for ecological approach to olive oil production. They produce extra virgin olive oil “Oio de Buščina”, which is also recommended as medicine due to its exceptionally therapeutic features.

    Products: olive oil

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