Gallery Marin, the place where art resides

Apart from the historical heritage monuments, the centre of Umag is also adorned by art gallery Marin. Blending with the old town walls and structure of residential houses, since its opening in 1997, this modern gallery organized a number of exhibitions and cultural events, with an emphasis on contemporary art production.

Well-known academicians and painters have graced the walls of Umag’s Marin Gallery

The champions of Croatian and foreign abstract art of the second half of the 20th century had their exhibitions here - including painter Edo Murtić and sculptor Dušan Džamonja, whose works found their place in collections and museums around the world. One could also meet the mistress of intriguing performances Vlasta Delimar and many others renowned painters of the younger generation.

An oasis of creativity and cultural events

Gallery Marin is likewise an important point of cultural exchange. It regularly hosts Slovenian artists in Umag and mediates in the hosting of Croatian artists in Slovenia, using its location by the border to promote cultural programs, expand the area of cooperation and build new bridges.

Artistic treasure hides in the historic centre of Umag

Since the owner and head of the gallery, Slavica Marin, occasionally uses it as her atelier, this temple of culture in the old town lives as a place of complete dedication to creation and artistic spirit.The owner of Marin Gallery is a sensitive artist herself, and her touch gives the gallery a special charm. Slavica Marin’s work has been highly acclaimed, and she has received 12 international awards for her art. She has participated in the work of many arts colonies. She is a member of the Istrian branch of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists.

This season too there is an interesting program of exhibitions and events in store for visitors. Several eminent foreign painters will be introduced, some of whom are visiting Umag and Istria for the first time. So, if you happen to stroll down the streets of the Umag old town, don’t forget to visit gallery Marin, the place where modern visual arts reside.

Marino Bembo 9,Umag

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