Art and culture in Umag

Umag is a town of broad cultural horizons which boasts a number of galleries and has a rich artistic offering comprising exciting concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, exhibitions and a variety of other cultural treats.

The old town of Umag is situated on a peninsula and features urban structure of the Middle Ages. Its nucleus of narrow streets shelters traces of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, including four medieval churches built from 13th to 16th century. The Renaissance tower houses a City Museum worth seeing for its Antique period exhibits as well as for the exhibits of contemporary artists.


Umag's Gallery Marin is the place where art resides

Apart from the historical heritage monuments, the centre of Umag is also adorned by art gallery Marin. Blending with the old town walls and structure of residential houses, since its opening in 1997, this modern gallery organized a number of exhibitions and cultural events, with an emphasis on contemporary art production. The champions of Croatian and foreign abstract art of the second half of the 20th century had their exhibitions here - including painter Edo Murtić and sculptor Dušan Džamonja, whose works found their place in ...

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Sad love of Austrian count Metternich

Savudrija lighthouse
Mystic and magnificent, alone on the rocks like some forgotten giants, lighthouses have always been a subject of fascination. Many of them are surrounded by numerous stories and myths that make them seem even more secretive. Some, such as the one on the island of Pharos at Alexandria have become legends, but each one whose light breaks up the dark represents a symbol of hope and a safe harbour. Previously intended only for sailors, but nowadays also for all those who maddened by the bustle of the everyday life want to experience the ...

Sepomaia settlement

Old sailing routes ran down the length of the coast, and goods were transported only during the day. At night and during storms they would hide in the ports and harbours. That’s how it was in Katoro. The area between the Cape of Katoro and the Cape of Sipar did not only have villas belonging to wealthy people, since ...
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A resting place for the antique rulers

The turbulent history of Umag, a small town on the far north western coast of Istria, is still visible today in the architecture of the town’s old part. In addition, the archaeological sites along the coast and the surrounding areas conceal many interesting historical tales. Luxurious villas or “villae rusticae” were ...
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