Novigrad umbrellas – a colourful photo inspiration

From the old walls and the distinctive bell tower to the famous Mandrač harbour, Novigrad is full of picturesque locations reflecting history, telling their unique story and attracting the attention of visitors. However, this charming little Istrian town by the sea has recently gained a brand new attraction that became one of its trademarks practically overnight.

An irresistible street game of colours

Of course, we are talking about the colourful umbrellas floating above the streets of the old town, grabbing the attention of every passerby, begging them to take a picture.

The hanging colourful decorations of Novigrad were first put up in 2013 as part of the set during the Street Wizard's Night - Magical NoviGrad summer street art festival.

At first, the cheerful umbrellas used to be hung up only during the festival, along the two streets leading to the central town square. These colourful decorations brought so much delight to guests and the locals alike so they kept appearing in more and more locations within the town centre. Their "rule" extended throughout the summer season into the postseason and now you can enjoy this colourful street game until October.

Capture the perfect moment

With this simple but striking concept, Novigrad has stretched the limits of imagination and distinctiveness, and the popularity of umbrellas is witnessed by numerous photos that visitors to the town post on social networks.

The hanging umbrellas fit perfectly into the scenery of the old town nucleus, and those who love photography and beautiful scenes have been given the perfect motif for an incredible Instagram post. Likes guaranteed!

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