Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail – a unique wine experience!

Grab your map, because we're leading you to Novigrad's best wines along the Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail, which will thrill you with its flavors, scents and stunning landscapes.

The adventure begins at the tourist train station at Mandrač harbor in the old town, from whence you will set off to explore the local wine scene. Vino P&P, Demark and Mihelić wine cellars are at the centre of this story.

Each of these winemakers will introduce you to their tradition of growing local Istrian varieties and producing world-class wine. It will be a unique opportunity to discover all the nuances of Istrian Malvasia or Teran amidst the ambience in which these very wines are made.

Enthralled with the fruits of Istria's red earth, you will enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of vineyards and olive groves on your way back to the starting station.

You'll feel like you've touched the soul of this small, friendly region.

Prepare yourself: Get to know Novigrad's winemakers


The story of the Peršurić family's “Vino P&P” wines is tied to Novigrad, where they have 12 hectares of vineyards in various locations. The queen of their vineyard is Malvasia, while Teran is its king. Their line of top-quality wines notably includes the aged Gold 45 Malvasia and aged Red 45 cuvée, which come from a vineyard at the 45th parallel with 45 rows of sun-drenched grape vines on a sea-facing slope.


Produced in the cellar of Damir Mihalić, Ghira Wines were named after an old family nickname passed down from generation to generation. This world-class wine is well-known among lovers of Croatian reds for its specific flavour. Today, it is produced in three varieties: red Ghira bears the scent of Teran, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, white Ghira smells like a lovely Malvasia, while Ghira Muscat is a semi-dry fantasy of aromas.


The Demark family enterprise has been growing grapes and making wine for 30 years. Their vineyards of Malvasia, Merlot and Teran, located in deep red soil right by the sea, are around 50 years old. This is what gives Demark wines their specific scent, flavour, and notable minerality.

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