Roberto Ghezzi: Naturografie

  • 08Oct
  • ~
  • 30Nov


Museum Lapidarium

Phone: +385 52 726 582

In cooperation with the EContemporary Gallery and the arts association stART, Trieste (Italy)

Curators: Monica Mazzolini, Elena Cantori

An ambient art installation capturing the bond between MAN and NATURE, while transforming art into landscape (Land Art) and vice versa. The exhibition focuses on the works created in the summer of 2019 at the Mirna river estuary, a protected bird reserve, among the few left in the Mediterranean. Having completed extensive research studies of the estuary's aesthetic, physical, chemical and biological properties, Roberto Ghezzi (Corona, Arezzo) used the river as an installation in which he left his canvases deposited for months, thus mapping the values of the landscape and its great biodiversity.

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